Hawks Ridge Pass – Bridge Construction Update

Hawks Ridge Pass is a bridge on 215 Street that serves as a wildlife crossing for animals habitating and moving about the natural areas and environmental reserve in the area. The pass is being constructed as part of the 215 Street road upgrade project, managed by Walton Development and Management. Once complete, it will appear as any other bridge to those using 215 Street, but underneath is a large space to provide safe passage for wildlife big and small.

The remainder of the construction work on the bridge is weather sensitive, meaning both day and evening temperatures need to reach a certain, constant level to commence the work. Walton has construction crews standing by and we anticipate construction to begin in May, with a July bridge opening.

The wildlife crossing is rare to Edmonton and Walton is proud to be part of innovative solutions such as these that benefit all residents of Hawks Ridge – with two feet, or four.

Please call us at 780-702-6601 if you have questions on the project.