November 25 2018

Make Your Home Eco-Friendly (and Save Money!)


15 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly (and Save Money!)

Not everyone gets to live in a community that is immersed in nature. Residents of Hawks Ridge are lucky to get to enjoy a serene and peaceful environment without giving up the modern conveniences of the city. Backing onto Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park means that protecting local wildlife is essential and that we must strive to be a sustainable community for present and future generations. It is all of our responsibility to do our part to minimize our impact on the environment and maintain this unique community for generations to come.

You might be thinking “reducing my home’s footprint? That’ll be costly and require a lot of work!”. Small changes to things that you do each day can make a huge difference. You may even be unaware of some of these little things that can make a huge impact. Continue reading to learn 15 easy ways to make your home more eco-friendly and also save you money! Talk about a win-win!

Even if you can do just one of these ideas above, it will be a positive step towards reducing your environmental footprint. It is all of our responsibility to work together to maintain this uniquely sustainable community and leave it better off for generations to come! If you have any other suggestions on how to reduce your footprint let us know on our Facebook page here.

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